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"We don't stop laughing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop laughing"

As qualified Laughter Yoga leaders we offer a range of workshop options based around Laughter Yoga and ways to improve Health and Wellbeing.

Workplace Laughter Yoga
Senior Yoga
Workplace Laughter Yoga
Bespoke Yoga


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Introduction - What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga, or as we like to call it Laughtercise, is a unique exercise system based on laughter and yogic breathing (pranayama). Using Laughter Yoga allows us to laugh for no reason, but not without purpose.

It was started in Mumbai, India, by cardiologist Dr Madan Kataria whilst he was investigating if laughter was the best medicine. He found that the mind and body canഥll the difference between fake and genuine laughter. This dispensed with the need for jokes or even a sense of humour (after all our senses of humour can be very different from one another) but what we do share is the sounds that we make when we laugh. It is truly inclusive; there are no cultural or linguistic barriers, no physical or mental barriers that canࢥ accommodated in some way. Dr Katariaඩsion is for Laughter to bring good health, joy and world peace and from tiny acorns do mighty oak trees grow. From his session in the park with a handful of friends back in 1995 there are now more than 5000 Laughter Yoga clubs across 60 countries.

What is noticeable within Laughter Yoga clubs or sessions in schools, workplaces, residential homes or retirement villages is just how quickly the fake laughter turns to real and contagious laughter. More and more research is emerging highlighting the physical and emotional benefits of laughter but the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Participants in Laughter Yoga describe feeling happy and energised. The positive energy that engaging in Laugher Yoga gives people makes them more able to cope with the pressures and stressors of everyday life.

There are many ways to engage in Laughter Yoga or Laughtercise; join a Laughter Yoga club or take part in a session held at your workplace, community centre or school. Whilst the shared experience of Laugher Yoga and Laughtercise is incredibly rewarding and energising you can practice Laughter Yoga alone. We堢een doing this for some time and Dr Kataria himself has been using Laughter Yoga exercises when alone. We all feel that we continue to gain both physical and emotional benefits in carrying out short bursts of laughter when we are alone. It becomes a way of life.

At Totally Laughter Yoga we堣reated a DVD that will guide you through a series of Laugher Yoga exercises wherever you have access to a DVD player. You can carry out a quick 5-10 minute session each morning or do a longer session if you wish. The DVD contains an explanation around the basic concepts of Laughter Yoga, the health benefits and some of the contra-indications. (These may mean itࢥst to consult your doctor before participating in Laughter Yoga activities.) Then there are 3 chapters each containing 4 sets of 4 Laughter Yoga exercises. Each chapter ends with a brief grounding exercise, mindful breathing or humming meditation. Once learned you젢e able to do a brief grounding exercise after each set of 4 Laughter Yoga exercises. Please contact us for more details on how Laughter Yoga can benefit you or more information on the DVD.



Please CONTACT US  if you wish to book a session, workshop or course, or need any further assistance or details associated with Laughter Yoga.

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