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03 November 2011 at 20:11

It’s been a busy time on the laughter front! It was great to see another piece in the BBC focus magazine about Laughter Yoga and how it can reduce cortisol levels, (that’s the chemical that your body releases when stressed).  At Totally Laughter Yoga we’ve had some media interest ourselves.  The Hartlepool Mail came along to the launch of our DVD – Totally Laughter Yoga (OK, fair enough not the most imaginative of titles but it’s the content that matters). The DVD features a series of Laughter Yoga exercises done direct to camera so the viewer can be led virtually through a full Laughter Yoga session or just dip into it for a daily top up of laughter.

We had a launch event for teachers where we were able to talk about the use of Laughter Yoga in schools. We strongly believe that it can fit alongside other excellent programmes like ‘Take Ten’ or ‘Wake up Shake up’ as Laughter Yoga is also a super way to energise and increase the level of physical activity that young people do.  We like to say Laughter Yoga (or Laughtercise) is laughing for no reason but not without purpose as engaging in Laughter Yoga or Laughtercise gives loads of health benefits. Some of the comments we have received from young people and adults really showed that they’d had a ‘work out’. Another event took place at Hartfields retirement village also in Hartlepool. An amazing group of energetic senior citizens joined us for the two sessions we delivered as part of and to celebrate UK Older Persons Day with its theme of getting and staying active in later life (one person even came along for both sessions dragging her friends with her!)  The Laughter was truly a joy to hear.  Everything Dr Kataria talks about could be seen within the groups. The child like playfulness and joy; the laughter becoming real; the inclusiveness of Laughter Yoga and the happiness it brought to the group.  It was fabulous to be a part of.  And the range of ability and functioning wasn’t a barrier! From spritely 80 + year olds to people confined to chairs everyone took part and laughed.  We can’t wait to repeat those sessions.

We’ve also delivered a Laughter Yoga session at a Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS) conference in Middlesbrough.  That was great fun.  We saw, as we often do, the initial reluctance and scepticism be swept away by wave upon wave of laughter.  The energy in the room after the session was amazing. It was a great way to get ready for an intense conference, refreshing the air in the lungs and boosting levels of concentration and focus. Many of the teachers and other organisations were keen to talk to us on using Laughter Yoga with their pupils and clients.  As a result we’ve been asked to carry out some research on the effects of Laughter Yoga or Laughtercise on a group of pupils in a local Primary school.  We’re going to be working with children aged from 5 years through to 11 years exploring the effects that Laughter Yoga has on their emotional health and wellbeing.  So watch this space for the results of that little study.

So spread the word about Laughter Yoga and we’d love to hear from you.

Laughter always

Sandra and Simon

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