Build it and they will come

02 April 2012 at 18:41

Some of you may recognise that statement from the fabulous Kevin Costner film, Field of Dreams.  I love that movie. Iím not a huge baseball fan, I like it and Iíve seen the Toronto Blue Jays play at home against the New York Metz and loved the experience, but as for the nuances of the game Iím at a bit of a loss. Iíve got to say thatís not just baseball, thatís my feelings around any sport. But Field of Dreams, for me at least, is not really about baseball itís about faith and belief. I donít necessarily mean faith or belief in God, although that may be part of it, itís the belief and faith that something that you do matters and even though other canít see that at the moment, that doesnít mean that youíre wrong.

I once read an article about Frank Zappa; it said that at times it seemed that Frank Zappa was out of step with everyone else.  The statement was then flipped on its head suggesting that everyone else was out of step with Frank Zappa.  Sometime things take time for other people to Ďgetí. Laughter Yoga would seem to be that kind of thing for us at the moment. It is our baseball diamond; the drum beat or melody we are trying to get people to march along to.  We know the emotional and physical benefits of laughter yoga. The positive effects it can have on peoplesí emotional health and wellbeing, the reduction in feelings of stress and the cardio-vascular benefits.  People try it; people love it; but getting them back through the door to keep on doing it seems challenging. We spread the word through the internet using Facebook and Twitter we engage with like-minded Laughter Yoga leaders and teachers; we have some converts that spread the word to others. But how do we get those others to take a step towards this physical and emotional health system that is easy, cheap and so much fun to do?  As Iím writing this I am concerned about the pseudo-religious slant I seem to have applied to this bit.  It is just the passion I feel about Laughter Yoga and the other approaches to emotional health and wellbeing messages we are talking to people about.  It seems that some of the simplest things can impact on our lives.  The simple messages of the Five Ways to Wellbeing Ė Connect, Give, Take Notice, Keep Active and Keep Learning, as the saying goes; Ď it ainít rocket scienceí, yet people whilst they know these things, donít always practice them, (at least not regularly), and this is the nub of the problem.  Any change in our physical or emotional wellbeing requires a commitment, perhaps even some sacrifice; to actively make the choice to do one thing rather than another.  It also requires a leap of faith. Not in a religious sense, but in the confidence and trust that what you are going to do is going to impact positively on your health and wellbeing. It has been said that faith is opposed to reason. So we will continue to laugh for no reason but not without purpose. We will continue to believe in what we are doing and weíll continue to build the empirical base thatíll help convince the sceptics and weíll continue to advocate that people build their own empirical evidence of how Laughter Yoga can help them.

Build it and they will come. That was the message in the film. Keep going; believe in what youíre doing and why youíre doing it. So weíll keep on building.

Build it and they will comeÖ

Thanks for reading.

Simon and Sandra

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